Cave Art

2nd Grade

Learned all about cave art. Students were given examples of animals and symbols to draw on butcher paper, they then colored with oil pastels. The best part was telling them they had to crumble their work up.  Finally they signed their work with their hand print and white paint. I then created this cool cave to display their work.


Art Show 2017

ART EXHIBITION 2017 in the UAE! 🇦🇪🙌🏽IMG_2461



Circle Collaborative Project

5th-6th grade Radial Collaborative Project

I gave each student a circle in which they had to draw a radial design then cut in fourths and paste on the corners of a square sheet of card stock. I then put them all together to make this beautiful mural piece for the front receptionist desk😍 

Line Monsters

1st Grade Line Monsters

Emoji Exit Table

Emoji Exit Table

                         Emoji Exit Table

exit-table1 exit-table

Place your Completed Exit Ticket Here!

I collect the Exit Tickets daily and write comments, then I give my students an Emoji sticker, stating how I feel they did on the lesson and place it in their mailbox.  This is also a great way to collect data and your students will love it.
exit-ticket emoji-exit fullsizerender fullsizerender-3

A fun modern innovative way for students to go when they are done with their projects and reflect on the lesson. Students go to the Exit Table and fill out their Tickets before leaving class. they can also play an Emoji memory game, Emoji Dice, Art Bingo, or Art Dice if they have extra time. My students absolutely LOVE the whole Emoji idea. On the wall I also have the history of Emoji’s and how they were created.