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“You’ve Got Mail”

    “Don’t Forget to Check Your Email!”



Art Bingo


This is a fun game I created for my students based on some of my Pre- and Post assessments.  Students learn the Elements and Principals of Art.  I also through in some Art History on some of the game boards.  This game can be adjusted for just about any grade levels and can be a great way to do informal assessments.

Tar Beach

For Black History month in February I teach my students about the African American artist Faith Ringgold and her style of art, which was Quilting.  My favorite story to do is Tar Beach.  I have my students imagine that they can fly, and ask them to draw themselves flying over their favorite place with their favorite person.  they then write a story behind their picture around the frame.  We then add lots of fabric to frame their story and place them altogether to design our very own class quilt.  Here is a picture of my door.  I like to always motivate them with a door design theme.Tar Beach Door

Tar Beach Class Quilt