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The Monster Bash! 👻🎃

The Monster Bash!

Happy Halloween!

My 1st Grade did the Crazy leg Frankensteins.

2nd Grade- Scary Jack-o-Laterns

3rd Grade- Picasso (Cubism) Frankensteins


Name that Alien

Symmetrical Name Monsters

FullSizeRender (29)
Name Aliens
FullSizeRender (27)
Name Aliens
photo_4 (1)
Name Monster
FullSizeRender (28)
Name Aliens
FullSizeRender (5)
Name that Alien Bulletin Board
Name Monster
FullSizeRender (30)
Stars being added with chalk pastels to symmetry name alien
FullSizeRender (39)
Name that Alien
FullSizeRender (38)
Name that Alien



  • Students write their name in block or bubble style letters, making sure that all of the letters are attached to one another and to the fold.
  • Cut out the name around the perimeter of the letters. (Do not cut out each letter individually and do not cut out on the fold where the letter meets the fold) The students will then open up their name and it should be connected and symmetrical. Each student will glue his name onto a piece of colored or black construction. The name needs to be open.
  • With a marker, oil pastels, or crayons students can draw eyes, arms, legs, or tails on the creature they have created with their symmetrical names.

I also tried this having students write their name in black oil pastels on the fold, then fold their paper so their name is on the inside of the paper and use a rubbing technique. (I just use small plastic glue spatulas I have in my class, but the back end of a drawing pencil will work as well.) I then have students open up their paper and magically their name will appear on the other side. Wowza’s Symmetry!!  I then tell them to look at their names vertical and can they picture it becoming a monster or an alien.  They all start to laugh at this point, because they start to see a nose, mouth,eyes,etc.  They then create their monsters/aliens, cut them out and glue onto black paper.  Lastly they design an outer-space background.  

I LOVE doing this lesson the first week of school as an introductory so I can learn their names. 

Desert Sunsets 🌅

Sunset 4thIMG_2441

My 4th Grade girls learned how to paint silhouettes. They first used red and yellow paint to blend the background sunset. They then painted camels and palm trees with black paint.

My 1st graders made deserts in a box.  I found this idea on Pinterest and fell in love with it. Great for teaching foreground, middle ground, and background. Picture doesn’t do them justice.

Lastly my 3rd Grade boys used oil pastel for the background of their landscapes. Then ripped construction paper for foreground and middle ground layers. Lastly they drew camels on black paper and glued them onto their landscapes.

I absolutely Love how they all came together to create this dynamic display for the schools entrance.

Falling For Foreshortening

My 4th graders really enjoyed this lesson. After tracing their hands and feet, they drew and colored themselves as astronauts. Then they painted the background black and used oil and chalk pastels for stars, planets, UFO’s, etc.

My student after drawing foreshortened image and coloring, he is now painting the background black, then will use chalk pastels for stars, planets, UFO’s, etc.

How “The Grinch” Stole Christmas!

Hallway Painting I did with a quote from the movie.
My Classroom Door
Cindy Lou looking for Santa
“Grinch Party” Who Hash which was just popcorn with green food coloring, my students loved it.
Grinch Punch!
Grinch Pills!
Table set up, the bowl is from The Dollar store, I just drew The Grinch with a Sharpie and painted in the eyes.
Sign which leads my students to The Grinch, they have to follow the footsteps around the school, which leads to my Classroom
My students working on their Grinches!
My Grinchy Students Working!
Me & one of my students, he is doing his Grinch Face.
Merry GrinchMas!!!
My “Whoville” creation!!
WANTED Sign! Displayed in hallway, on your way to “Whoville”!!

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Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Day of the Dead 2015 005

Dia De Los Muerto  Alter- This is usually my presentation table, however to give my students the full experience I set it up as an alter to honor our loved ones.


This is my informational table, consisting of fun worksheets, crossword puzzles, and coloring sugar skulls print outs.  (This is usually my game table where students come to play “Art Bingo” or “Art Dice” -shown on the table)IMG_4013 (1) IMG_4019

Here we have “Pan de los Muertos” which is the traditional bread of the dead that is made for the Alter, we frosted ours and decorated them with sugar skulls. Mmm mmm good!