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Totem Poles

UAE 5-6 Grade Girls Totem poles
5-6th Grade Girls Box Totem Pole


6th Grade Boys Painting Totem Poles
Totem Pole
5th Grade Boys Painting Totem Poles
5-6 Grade UAE Boys Totem Poles
5th Grade Boys Totem Poles

Through this lesson, students will learn about Native Americans from the northwest.  Students will study the culture and artwork of these native people.  The idea of stylizing artwork will also be addressed as students work together to make a two dimensional version of a totem pole.  Finally, students will learn about symbolism and what various animals mean to the Native Americans of the northwest.

  • Boys- Students will choose one animal and draw it using native totem pole references.
  • Girls- Students will work with others at their table in order to create a totem pole.
  • Students will choose an animal that symbolizes their family or personality.

Overlapping Scissors

Overlapping Scissors
Scissors 5th Grade
Overlapping Scissors Collaborative Project

My 5th Grade boys won a County wide Contest doing this Collaborative Project. They were given a theme (Scissors) and a canvas.  They came up with this composition.  I am so proud of them, using what they learned (overlapping) in Art to create this masterpiece. 🎨✂️👏🏽🙌🏽

How “The Grinch” Stole Christmas!

Hallway Painting I did with a quote from the movie.
My Classroom Door
Cindy Lou looking for Santa
“Grinch Party” Who Hash which was just popcorn with green food coloring, my students loved it.
Grinch Punch!
Grinch Pills!
Table set up, the bowl is from The Dollar store, I just drew The Grinch with a Sharpie and painted in the eyes.
Sign which leads my students to The Grinch, they have to follow the footsteps around the school, which leads to my Classroom
My students working on their Grinches!
My Grinchy Students Working!
Me & one of my students, he is doing his Grinch Face.
Merry GrinchMas!!!
My “Whoville” creation!!
WANTED Sign! Displayed in hallway, on your way to “Whoville”!!

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Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Day of the Dead 2015 005

Dia De Los Muerto  Alter- This is usually my presentation table, however to give my students the full experience I set it up as an alter to honor our loved ones.


This is my informational table, consisting of fun worksheets, crossword puzzles, and coloring sugar skulls print outs.  (This is usually my game table where students come to play “Art Bingo” or “Art Dice” -shown on the table)IMG_4013 (1) IMG_4019

Here we have “Pan de los Muertos” which is the traditional bread of the dead that is made for the Alter, we frosted ours and decorated them with sugar skulls. Mmm mmm good!