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Viva Cuba

Bringing Cuba 🇨🇺 to the UAE 🇦🇪 🙌🏽❤️

Viva Cuba 🇨🇺 ❤️
Viva Cuba 🇨🇺
Viva Cuba 🇨🇺 ❤️
Driving from the UAE 🇦🇪 to Cuba 🇨🇺 🙌🏽
Havana oh na na ❤️🇨🇺
Senorita 💃🏽

Tar Beach

Amazing Art Teacher

For Black History month in February I teach my students about the African American artist Faith Ringgold and her style of art, which was Quilting.  My favorite story to do is Tar Beach.  I have my students imagine that they can fly, and ask them to draw themselves flying over their favorite place with their favorite person.  they then write a story behind their picture around the frame.  We then add lots of fabric to frame their story and place them altogether to design our very own class quilt.  Here is a picture of my door.  I like to always motivate them with a door design theme.Tar Beach Door

Tar Beach Class Quilt

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OWLSFullSizeRender (40)

My first graders painted owls:

Drawing Process:

  • The owls body, including wings, head and ears
  • Add skinny legs
  • Add dots for the pupils

Painting Process:

  • White- owls body, including wings, head and ears
  • Black- outline,skinny legs, pupils
  • Black- add small feather strokes…little “u’s”
  • White-Snowy background

Lastly they were given a strip of brown construction paper to make a branch and glue under the feet.

Can you say ADORABLE!…I found this on Pinterest and had to do this project with my students so I must share because the Pinterest post did not have directions just a image.  Have Fun!!

My second grade did collage owls:


  • Paint snow all over their construction paper and glue a brown branch to the bottom of their paper.
  • They were given two circle templates for the body, to trace, cut out and glue onto paper above the branch.
  • Use small pieces of torn paper to fill in the body.
  • Two cupcake liners for eyes, use yellow paper for the circles inside.
  • Use a small piece of black construction paper to make a beak, legs and feet.
  • Lastly fold paper and trace wing template, cut out and glue them on the sides of the owl.






How “The Grinch” Stole Christmas!

Hallway Painting I did with a quote from the movie.
My Classroom Door
Cindy Lou looking for Santa
“Grinch Party” Who Hash which was just popcorn with green food coloring, my students loved it.
Grinch Punch!
Grinch Pills!
Table set up, the bowl is from The Dollar store, I just drew The Grinch with a Sharpie and painted in the eyes.
Sign which leads my students to The Grinch, they have to follow the footsteps around the school, which leads to my Classroom
My students working on their Grinches!
My Grinchy Students Working!
Me & one of my students, he is doing his Grinch Face.
Merry GrinchMas!!!
My “Whoville” creation!!
WANTED Sign! Displayed in hallway, on your way to “Whoville”!!

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Featured Artist Bulletin Board

Welcome Back students to a new exciting year in art. Each week I will choose two students to be my featured Artist their work will be displayed under the Incredible Art Hulk bulletin.  They loved the idea and are excited to see their work posted under the Hulk.  I have added an incentive and told them that their picture will also be taken with the Hulk.  They seemed to be very excited, let’s see how it goes!

Incredible Art HulkHulk doorhulkhulk2hulk display